Sock yarn

Does anyone know where to get just white sock yarn? black? any “normal” sock colors. I’d like to dye my own, but can’t seem to find any just plain ol’ white sock yarn.

I got the wonderful sock yarn that I dyed from here:

It’s not a true white, more of a natural color.

I use blank yarn from for my dying. Dying black takes ALOT of dye, though, so if I were you I would buy machine yarn (it’s on big cones) in the weight that you would like it and the color you would like it.

Opal has plain black and a plain cream/white. Henry’s Attic superwash comes in natural too.

Thanks y’all. I’m oh so excited about dying my own sock yarn. :smiley:

KnitPicks “Essential” sock yarn has a black, I think.