Sock yarn sale!

Did you see this???


Sooooo pretty!

must…not…buy…must…not …

Ahhhh, yes I did! Hard to say no!!!

I did see that, and I [I]really[/I] want the tiger yarn, but I just can’t spend the full $25 for an order. I can just see myself wearing those socks during football season!!!

Anyone wanna work with me on that??? :wink:

Has anyone from Australia bought from LK??? I had about $55 worth of sock yarn that I desperately want, but don’t want to be bamboozled with shipping!

Uhh … Natalie? I’ll go in with you … I mean, it would only be one skein … just one little skein!

I’d want to order two. If you’re truly game, PM me. We’ll work out the details!

I haven’t, but I have read about Little Knits and international shipping. I understand she’s pretty modest with the shipping charge. When you place your order, it will often tell you an amount that is more than what it will really cost, but that she will adjust shipping down to reflect something closer to actual postage. You should know, though, that US postage rates for int’l shipping have gone up a lot recently. I was reading about it on another forum. Anyway, if you are really interested, try emailing or calling.

I’m in sooooooooooooooo much trouble!!! I couldn’t resist going to the site…didn’t get sock yarn but bought 11 skiens of BIG Kueryon to make a sweater jacket…:whistle:

I did think the shipping was a bit pricey, $12.00 for 11 skeins.

The gods must be telling me something (like you’ve got enough sock yarn). When I click on your link it say there’s a problem loading the page.

Oh my!! Catch that tiger!!

Hypocrite Alert!!! Just a few days ago I asked DH to please stop buying fly fishing equipment…

I am really regretting that request! I know when I find myself saying" Oh, I could just have it shipped to work and he’ll never know", I’ve crossed into Bad Partner territory.

I ordered from this sale on the 11th. I got 10 skiens of sock yarn, and 2 sock journals.

Im still waiting for it…:nails:

Yeah, I’ve had that issue with them before. It stinks. Last time I was waiting on something for my swap partner, and I swear I thought it was coming by pack mule. But, the customer service has been good - in one order they accidently left out a skein, and they fixed it right away, and I even got an extra. I guess there are compromises …

Patience, Papergirl, patience!!

Bip - how about this “Hey hun, look at these flys? And isn’t that rod just marvelous?” Then go get your yarn.

I sometimes offer backrubs in return for looking the other way on a yarn purchase :teehee: