Sock Yarn Recommendations?

Hello, my plan is to knit my first pair of socks over the holiday break…I am looking for recommendations on a good quality (for the money) sock yarn. Also recommendations where to purchase it (online or in store) would be helpful.

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I really like Opal…although it can be $$$. Regia is another good one that is less expensive and a lot of people on here like Knit Picks sock yarn whic is nice and inexpensive. You can browse through several types HERE and Wool Needlework has awesome prices if they happen to have what you want (they usually have some Regia).

Cincinnatti? Are you getting the snow storm? The snow is really coming down here in Michigan! Perfect day to stay in and knit!! :smiley:

Thanks again for the info on the sock yarn.


You’re welcome. Getting sleet/rain…I think we’re on the edge of that system. It was pretty slick earlier but its 36 now and traffic seems to be moving beter.


Where in Michigan are you? I’m in Troy. This is NOT going to be a fun drive home tonight!

At least it’s Christmas.

" Let it snow, let it snow, let it SSNNOWWWW!!

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I am in Clarkston…ughhhh it just keeps snowing and snowing…I can’t believe the school is still in session. My office in Detroit just closed for the afternoon…I75 is bad!

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I used KnitPicks Parade fr my first pair of socks – it was nice because it’s self-striping (fun!), washable, and required US4 needles…not so small that it took eons to finish the socks. :thumbsup:

I am still working on my first pair (they had to get put aside for Christmas), and I used Nature’s wool, and I love it. I would recommend for your first pair that you not go too small with your yarn - you want to finish those puppies quickly so that you get hooked and do more!

Thanks for all the advice…what would be considered small weighted yarn? Sport weight, fingering weight? I really would like to stay with machine washable…convenience is very important in our family!

It is still snowing :shock: will it ever stop??

Thanks again!,

Lisa in snowy, snowy Michigan