Sock Yarn Question

I just getting into knitting socks and I have med 4ply cotton cream and sugar yarn but that seems to thick. But I need to find 100% cotton because I would like to knit some for my son and him and I have senstive skin to wool and cotton seems to be the best choice.

I know if I knit with the sugar and cream one they willl be thicker and more like slippers.

Is there a difference between 4ply sock yarn and the yarn Iam talking about?

Where are some good places to find some 100% cotton?

It is too thick, it’s worsted weight yarn; in the US 4 ply refers to how many strands, not the yarn weight. A 4ply weight is fingering or sock weight yarn. You can use something like patons Grace, or Sinfonia cotton yarn; some people use baby yarns for socks though the colors would be pretty light unless you have a Hobby lobby. Their Sweet Delight baby yarns come in darker colors and some people like knitting socks with them.

I’ll have to look through my yarn stash, or more like find it since we moved and hubby packed a lot of stuff.

I have 1 ply sock yarn from Bernats but its so thin its hard to knit with.

You could try doubling it, but if it’s really sock yarn, that’s probably okay. It takes some getting used to thin yarn, with a single strand it should be knit on size 2s for socks.