Sock yarn question

I can’t imagine knitting socks in wool…doesn’t it make your ankles itch?


I’m a new sock knitter and I’ve knit my first two pair in Merino Wool (Karabella). It’s quicker and I love thicker socks. No itching at all with the Karabella, I use it for lots of things!

Happy knitting :slight_smile: :x:

I made a pair in wool and expected to be itching while knitting, certainly couldn’t imagine wearing them.

However, I have to admit that if you buy decent sock yarn, it not only doesn’t feel itchy, but is actually rather soft.

I guess if you use a really itchy wool, it might, but I’ve never had a problem with that. and they are so very WARM. YUM!! :heart:

I think that the skin on our feet is much less sensitive than on other parts of our body. I find that a LOT of yarns are itchy to me when worn as a scarf, hat, neckband of a sweater, etc., but I’ve never had problems with itchy socks. :shrug:

Yeah, I bought a pair at Target that feel really itchy to my hands, but I don’t notice it at all on my feet. They’re my favorite because they’re so toasty!

I would guess that it really has to do with WHAT type of yarn you actually use, For example, I knit a pair of wool sox, and a pair of acrylic sox, and while I can wear the acrylics, I can’t wear them as long as the wool sox. and I know I’m not allergic to the acrylic, but I think it’s more due to how much moisture is actually let out.