Sock yarn for first sock?

I finally finished the scarf (k2p2 in Patons Merino) and I thought I would attack making socks. With reading about how Mason :notworthy: was able to conquer it I thought I could also. For my birthday I bought me 2 skeins of Trekking XXL in a varigated blue and I am knitting it with size 3 DPNS and it took me half a day and about 5 or so tries but I finally have cast on my first row and knit one row…and I am done for the night! :?eyebrow: I printed out Silver’s Sock Tutorial and I understand it, I think the problem is the yarn, it is so darn tiny, between dropping a stitch here or there and just being able to get the yarn from one needle to the next, I think it will take me months to do one sock! :shock:

Should I try to make my first sock with a bigger yarn? I would have to buy it as all I have right now is LB Wool, a bunch of cotton and a few acrylics. Any suggestions for me out there?

You could try a worsted weight, which would also require a larger needle.

I think I would just stick it out, though.

My first sock (about a month ago) was done using KP’s Dancing. It was very thin, and I think I did my socks using size 2 dpns. I am not the most coordinated person, but I hung in there. It got much easier as I went along.

The first few rounds are the most difficult. I think you’ll find yourself getting into a routine with both the yarn and the needles.

Just go for it. Who cares if you make a few mistakes. The most important thing is learning the mechanics of sock making. You can perfect the technique with each project.

Way to go! Socks are AWESOME!

Personally, I think you should try using a bigger yarn and needle, probably worsted weight or sport weight. I made my first socks with worsted weight was sooooo much easier :cheering:

Thanks for the replies, I am going to try and keep going with what I have done so far but if I end up putting it down a lot from frustration I may try it with worsted weight and bigger needles.

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Trekking XXL is one of the thinnest fingering weight sock yarns I’ve seen, and I definately do not reccomend it for a beginner sock knitter. I wouldn’t use it with a needle larger than a 0 to get a good sock fabric. A good, thicker fingering weight yarn I do reccomend is Knitpicks memories. I get a nice sock fabric on size 2 needles, and definately wouldn’t go smaller than a 1 with it. for me, sock yarns generally work best this way. Fingering on size 0-1, sport on 2-3, DK on 3, and worsted on 4. you want a thicker fabric than usual for socks.

I loveee making socks now :rofl:

When I first made mine, it took me about 3weeks (with work etc), on and off with casting recasting knitting. And I used dpns size 2 and fingerling weight sock yarn. I thought I was going to break the needles in half they were so delicate. But I stuck it through, my major suggestion is to create a LIFE LINE once you reach a new section.

I say stick with it, because it’s fun and a learning experience, the next one will be much easier. And wearing it won’t be so bulky on your feet if you wear them under shoes.

If you decide to convert to a worsted weight wool (which is what I would do), you can make Fuzzy Feet from knitty. They’re just big giant socks and then felted to make slippers. I’ve heard from others that this is a good intro to socks.

I made my first socks with DK weight and used’s pattern for toe up socks. I prefer toe up socks to cuff down. So much more fun to me :smiley: And prettier, IMHO.

So how bad would it be if I knit a pair of socks out of LB wool for felting? That is the only worsted weight I have right now. And I have 8 skeins so I need to use this at some time. I have a pattern for a CP Fjord Felted slippers, would that count as a pair of socks?

Bums me out about the Trekking, I spent $56 on 2 skeins and Sensational Knitted Socks book and I can’t use the yarn yet! And I can’t tell hubby about it completely cause he won’t understand it, the money part.

I think you can use the lion brand wool, though of course you can’t machine wash it. And it will be prone to felting anyhow with wear. I don’t know how soft it is.

I don’t know if you bought 2 skeins of the Trekking because you just wanted multiple colors, but one is enough for a pair of socks.

I made my first pair on size 3 needles using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport. Size 3 needles are way too big to use with Trekking. Loosely knitting socks get holes in them fast.

Keep trying. You can do it.

I guess I should have checked around to see how much I would need first. :oops: I figure that I should be able to use the yarn at some point.

I am going to go ahead and start with the wool for now, I think that I need to build my confidence a little more before I tackle the Trekking again.

Thank you all very much for your answers, off to start with LB wool… xxx

If I were you, I would just make the Fuzzy Feet socks and then felt them into slippers. Any mistake you make will be hidden by the felting, and you’ll get practice making socks.

Once I get into my head that I want to start a project, i really reallu want to start it. As in right away. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry I did the same thing. I bought Lana Grossa sock yarn and it is really thin also, like trekking.

I went to a heavier weight to get started, I think my first pair was a dk weight.

Then after I got more comfortable with the feel of the yarn I went back and made the socks.

You will want to get either size 1 or 2 at the most for trekking, and on average is knit with 72 sts around the cuff. Don’t worry they knit quick when its just knitting in circles…lol…

If the dpns start to get uncomfortable, theres always magic loop on 1 or 2 circulars. Thats all I use, because I can stuff it in my purse and go.

Good luck, keep it up…It takes a little time to get it down.

[color=blue]Yarn Doc- I love these, my feet are always cold lol. There is a part of the pattern that confuses me :?? I am sure when it is explained I will be :oops: , but here goes:
Heel[on 22 stitches]

Knit 11 sts past the marker, then turn and work back over the stitches you’ve just worked [ignoring the other 22 stitches on your needle, which will be held to become the instep] and

Heel Row 1: sl 1, p 21, turn
Heel Row 2: s1 1, k 21, turn

So here is my question–
If the heel is created on 22 stitches, but the pattern says to knit 11 stitches past the marker and then turn and knit these same stitches. How does this end up to be 22 stitches?.. OMG I know I am being dense lol.

Thanks for your patience!
anne [/color]

Ok, you all convinced me, I am going to knit up Fuzzy Feet with my LB Wool for Felting. I am going to have Silver’s Sock Tutorial with me for a reference along with Sensational Knitted Socks. Maybe after this I can attack FT Clogs. (I bought the patterns for adults and kids, also part of my b-day purchase!)

I am off to knit again… xxx

Stonington, Hopefully I can explain.

You’re knitting 44 stitches for your sock? Half the stitches will be the instep (front) of the sock. The other 22 stitches will be the heel (back of the sock). You should have 11 stitches in front of the marker and 11 stitches past the marker. Put the 22 instep stitches on a separate needle or stitch holder. The marker should represent the middle of the heel (back). When you get to the 11th stitch past the marker, turn the needle (you’re knitting flat, not in the round) working on the wrong side and knit back the 11 stitches past the marker and the next 11 stitches: 22 stitches. Continue working these 22 stitches in the heel pattern until you have the right number of rows the pattern calls for. You don’t knit on the instep stitches again until you pick up the gussett stitches.

Make sense??

[color=indigo]Trust the pattern! :teehee: It will work out once you do it. If you’ve never done short rows it’s a little hard to picture, but it’s one of the magical things about knitting socks. Eventually you will pick up those extra sts on each end as you turn the heel. Try it, you’ll like it! :happydance: [/color]

[color=blue]Yes! :cheering: I thought that might be it… but I am so literal lol. Really need things spelled out for me- maybe after I become more experienced I will “see” things that are implied. Thank you so so so much! :hug: anne [/color]