Sock Yarn Fingerless Gloves

I want to make some fingerless gloves, using sock yarn. I’ve made plenty of fingerless mitts, and wanted to make some with finger tubes, but I’m having trouble deciding between these two patterns:

Has anyone made either of these patterns?

i like the second one personally the cables are smart:yay:

I haven’t made either pattern, but my choice would be the second one too. :slight_smile:

I checked Ravelry and 99 people have made some version of the Hooray for Me Gloves and only 10 the Almost Fingerless Again.

From the comments it looks like more were having to modify the Almost Fingerless.

Hope that helps.

I made hfm, my mil enjoys them!

That actually helps a lot, because I like the almost fingerless, and was thinking of making them, but now I’m thinking I’ll do the HFM. I need more experience before I feel comfortable modifying a pattern.