Sock yarn - Fast

First of all, sorry I dropped off the face of the planet for a while there. Been so busy with work (just finished one position and going to start another position next week) that I only had time for knitting and blogging (I joined SP8 too).

I had a question that I thought some experienced internet shoppers might be able to help me with. I’m looking for a solid black, machine washable sock yarn, pref natural or natural blend (DH is such a daring guy with his colors!) and I want it FAST. I “need” it by Friday, so I can start knitting on the way to Boston this w/e. I was hoping to order online, but wondering if anyone knows of stores that are fast with shipping to NY (and doesn’t charge mucho dinero for the priviledge). Failing that, I could go to a LYS (there are many in NYC) but I tend to find them intimidating. So… any suggestions would be gratefully recieved. TIA.

Patons Kroy comes in solid black, and is a machine washable wool blend in a sockweight at a reasonable price. I don’t have any suggestions for ordering though.

I picked up some Kroy in Stitches East in midtown - it was the strioy Kroy but they may have black