Sock War Patterns?

I checked on the website and it says that you should get your pattern by the 22 of Sep. It’s the 24 and I still haven’t gotten mine :?? If you’re doing sock wars, have any of you gotten your patterns yet? Thanks!

Yarn Monkey got hit with a big storm, and they are having internet issues in Ireland right now. The pattern is posted on her blog, along with a list of assassins. You can find your assassins email address on there, and get in touch with them to find out their mailing information until the dossiers get emailed out.

Thanks sooooooo much :hug:

i saw the pattern but apparently missed the assassin list. everyone is talking on the forum about the shoe size of their assassin and i’m all :shrug:

I’m not wishing I didn’t visit the forum. There is just a slew of people there that have completed their socks and I’m like maybe 2 inches into my first. :frowning: I don’t have weekends off dang it!