Sock Vent

I finished a pair last night (pictures to be added later) - and wore them today because it was “jeans day” at work. They don’t match what I have on - but they don’t stick out (longer jeans). Plus - if I am going to knit socks, they are going to be PRETTY first and color coordinated second.

So I was showing one of my friends - and you would not BELIEVE the crap I heard from two of my co-workers - WHY would you bother making those, WHY don’t you make them in neutral colors, etc. etc. Obviously they think I am crazy. I thought they were …RUDE!

Ok end of vent.

I shall go and admire my lovely teal, purple, baby blue and white socks now.

They just wish they had such socks! I wouldn’t let it bother you. Nonknitters just don’t get it.

I hope you remember their preference for neutral colors when Christmas gets here. And give them all plain boring white tshirts. Wrapped in white tissue. With a white ribbon.

They’re just jealous b/c #1 they don’t have unique knit socks like you do and #2 they aren’t confident enough to wear fun socks !!!

I don’t wear a lot of socks that I knit, but I do wear a lot of fun socks regardless of whether or not they match what I am wearing. Heck, today I’m wearing my comfy work shoes (green/yellow suede Dansko’s) with pink socks featuring a monkey sticking his tongue out with fingers in his ears and brown pants. :roflhard:

Bah people are so rude!!! :!!!:

I agree with Vaknitter they just wish they had some hand knit socks…

I did a survey to some of my friends asking them every knitting question I could think of…that when I wanted to knit something for them I’d already have the info… I told them on the survery to remeber knitted socks were to be fun and bright when choosing their colors :teehee:

People can be such doofy jerks! I can’t believe that gave you crap about your (beautiful, I’m sure) SOCKS! GAH! I would tell them to loosen up or something. Does everything have to be matchy and bland???

People like that get on my nerves, can you tell??? :flirt:

Wow, that does sound pretty rude! Sorry that happened. :frowning:

Well, no socks for them! :teehee:
Your socks sound very pretty and fun, and just know that we here at knitting help appreciate knitted socks!

I think it is boring to knit boring “neutral” socks. Hand knit socks should be noticed so I think fun colors are the way to go!

Personally my wardrobe is kind of boring, my socks spice it up a little.

pooey to them! I would love to see them!

I was making some hiking socks for my dh, and the scout leaders were making GREAT fun…I’ve known these guys for a long time,and I just said, ya’ll are just jealous cuz YOUR wives aren’t making socks for you!!! NOTHING else was said!!

I think all socks should be bright and full of beautiful colours. Except maybe if you’re going to a funeral or appearing in court or something. Hand knit socks especially. Many people lack the sense of fun to wear something quirky and goofy and prefer neutral colours so they don’t stand out. I think that’s pretty sad though. Maybe they’re just jealous that you have the confidence to wear something like that.

I too get people asking me why I bother knitting socks/hats/scarves when I can just go out and buy the thing. I think most people who aren’t crafty focus on the end product, and not the process of creating the object. I knit because I enjoy knitting, not because I [I]need[/I] socks. I mean, really, if I desperately needed socks, why would I be buying twenty dollar yarn to make them when I can get a pack of three for five bucks? It’s because I [I]like[/I] making them.

Thanks all!

Ohhhhhhhhhh yeller and green danskos! Mine are boring brown. I seriously want hot pink or purple! Talk about non-boring non-accountant shoes! That would really get these goobers talking!