Sock Tutorial

I’m in the market (by market, I mean “free”) for a good online tutorial. I normally would use the tutorials here, but there isn’t an indepth one on socks (only part of one).

Also, a preference question: DPNs or two circular needles?

Help please! :wall:

I have never tried DPNs but I love two circulars (24"). I bought a great DVD by Nenah Galati called Sock 1 “How to knit socks on two circular needles”. It has step by step demonstrations and written instructions too. The company name is Knitting Korner. From my point of view it’s worth the money. After you truly understand how to do socks, sell it or trade with someone for something more advanced. Or keep it for future reference.

Sock tutorials

I prefer DPNs.

I have to say I love the two circular needle method. It is a little strange until you get the hang of it but after that I think it is is great. I need to think where i saw a tutorial on this method. If I can find it, I will let everyone know.

I’ve been following Silver’s Sock Class and it is incredibly simple to follow! I had never in my life made socks before but her tutorial is both well written and full of helpful pictures. Unfortunately I have to redo the sock due to it’s size, but, that was entirely my fault. I should have made a smaller size.

I haven’t tried socks on circs, but, I have found the DPNs to be quite simple. Before following Silver’s tutorial, I had also never before knitted in the round on DPNs. Other than the sock ending up being a bit too big, it looked great!

Here is a good site and it covers all methods.