Sock trouble

I’m knitting a sock, and the pattern says to do ribbing for 1 1/2in. and then do stockinette the rest of the way. Well, I did that, and it turns out the stockinette part is way too big for my leg, and I don’t like it. I was wondering if anybody knows how to pick up stitches right where the ribbing ends so I can take out the stockinette part of the sock without taking out the whole sock?

Is the entire sock finished? What yarn did you use and how many did you cast on?

I used fingering yarn and casted on 60. I only did 20 or so more rows after finishing the cuff (the 1 1/2in. ribbed part).

IMHO I would either

  1. frog back to the row just before the ribbing and then using a needle smaller that the one I used to knit the ribbing (if I have one that small) I would insert the pick-up needle in the stitch and then remove the working yarn. In other words pick-up the stitch before removing the working yarn. Continue until all stitches are picked up.

  2. frog back to the first row of ribbing. The using a smaller needle pick-up the loose stitches of the ribbing.

In either method I do not worry about the orientation of the stitch as I pick it up, pick it up in the easiest method possible.

Knit from the needles used to pick-up the stitches onto the correct sized needles. As you knit correctly orient the stitches.