Sock triumph

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my little triumph in the world of sock making.

I’m knitting up a pair of socks for my friend as a going away present. It’s my fourth pair of socks, and guess what - I don’t have to use the pattern anymore!! I’m so excited that I can just sit and knit without really having to worry about looking at a pattern. I strongly suggest doing this - either getting extremely familiar with a basic sock pattern or Silver’s tutorial (which is pretty much the same as my basic sock pattern). After making it several times, you’ll be able to do it like it’s nothing.

AND I’ve made the best gusset ever!!! I always have problems with a big hole where I join the picked up stitches to the instep, and also the slipped stitches from the edges of the heel flap get all stretchy-outy and loose when I pick up stitches from under them. Well, I used Grumperina’s tutorial on Picking up stitches the pretty way and I also picked up two extra stitches in each corner, and there’s totally no hole!!! So if anyone’s a little bit dissatisfied with their sock gusset area, those have totally helped me out :woot:

Yay! See…it did get better.

Congratulations, Rachel! Socks are so much fun when you get good at them and solve the little glitches! You are now an expert! :woot: samm

Well I guess it’s offical… you’re a sock knitter!! How cool. :woohoo:
I’m only on my first pair, cuff down on 4 dpn’s, using Silver’s tutorial. But after having ripped back to the cuff on sock #1 multiple times and sock #2 once, since I wasn’t happy with either the heel flap, gussett etc. I feel like I’ve knit at least 3 pairs. So I know what you mean about knitting without a pattern. I’m not quite to that point but the basic steps and proportions and math involved makes sense now.

And thanks for the tip. I’m going to check that website on picking up stitches.

Good for you on getting the pattern down without looking!! :cheering: I hope to get there soon. I finished my very first sock and I’m so excited. I’m 1/2 way through the 2nd one and am planning a pair for hubby and daughter.