Sock too tight Help

I finished a sock for my SIL and the top of the sock it too tight! Is there a way to loosen it? Or do I need to start over?

You might be able to block it and see if it will relax…I have had some socks do this but it depends on how tight it is…if they can’t get it on then you would prolly have to start over :hug: …or maybe they could fit someone else :happydance:

I was afraid of that! It’s too tight where i casted on. I’m sure I have to redo it! Darn it.

When you cast on, use 2 needles together and cast onto them at the same time. This will make the cast on nice and loose…simply pull the second needle out after cast on and before joining the round. Works for me! Mary

If it’s just the cast on row wouldn’t it be fairly simple, although possibly tedious, to cut the cast on row off, pick up the live stitches and knit a loose bind off row?

I’ve never done anything like that but I think I’ve read about it here with sweaters.

What I’ve taken to doing to stop having too tight of a cast on is cast on 1/3 more than I need and decrease every other stitch on the first row.

I agree with Mike. I’d pick up stitches a row beneath and cut out the cast on row then cast off loosely. In the future you might try doing a knitted cast on instead of a long-tail cast on for socks. I much prefer it over other cast on methods for socks and other openings that need to be stretchy. It’s simple to do. Start with a slip knot then knit one leaving the stitch on your needle, transfer your new stitch to the left needle by slipping knit wise and repeat as necessary.

I agree…if it was the whole sock that was to small then I would frog it…but just the cast on then I would do what Mike has suggested…

You can always cast on with 2 needles or go up a size for the cast on…I also always use the knitted cast on with my socks too:happydance: