Sock too small?

I am trying to knit my first sock, using Silver’s Tutorial. I am using a fingering weight yarn (this yarn, in Hula in case you want to know) and cast on 64 stitches onto size 3 needles.

I am on my 4th round, but so far the ankle part seems kinda small, like it would fit a child, not an adult… is this normal? Should I just keep going and see how it turns out?

(Plus I can’t seem to figure out how to minimize my “ladders” between the needles, though I am pulling my first stitch tight… any other suggestions?)

Thank you!

If you’re doing 64 stitches around on size 3 needles, I can’t see how it’d come out fitting a child, even if you knit super tightly… I do 56 stitches on size 2 needles, I’m a tight knitter, and it fits. Maybe it just looks small, especially since you need to take into account the fact that ribbing can be quite stretchy.

Also, if you’re really pulling tightly on the last stitch of your last dpn, and the first couple of the new dpns, maybe you won’t end up with ladders. Sometimes when I’m working with dpns, the few rows immediately under the dpn look like they have ladder, but it’s just because the angle of the needle is pulling them. If I keep knitting, as they get further away from the pulling of that dpn, they don’t have a ladder. This obviously won’t be the case for everyone, but that’s what happens to me. Just try and make sure you keep it snug as you move from one dpn to the other…

Good luck :thumbsup:

For the ladders, it helps if you pull not only the first stitch tight but the second stitch as well. The second stitch is really the key to keeping it tight. Good luck!

That yarn has a bit of “spring” to it and I find that when I knit with it I have to purposely knit loose. If you knit it tightly (like I do) it will “shrink” because you are pulling it as you knit. I know, weird, but it’s true. Loosen up and try not to pull on the yarn. I’ve made three pair of socks with this yarn and have to remind myself everyting, It’s the elastic in it that causes it to shrink back. Because it is stretchy we tend to pull on it so let it have lots of slack!

Thanks to everyone for your advice.

Since I am only 4 rounds into it, I am thinking of unraveling and starting over, using all your helpful hints.

Thank you!

One thing I do in the ribbing to avoid ladders is I rearrange the stitches on the needle every few rounds…

16 on each needle…I knit the first 2 onto the 4th needle…then just slide 2 from each needle onto the one in front of it…

Does that make ANY sense? :roflhard: I do that with ribbing and it helps me.

Makes perfect sense…

Man, too bad I am at work… I just want to unravel this sock and start over now with everyone hints!

(and silly me for choosing an “elasticy” yarn!)