Sock too small :(

Okay, my first cabled sock turned out to be way too small. I think I know what I did that made it that way, but I’d like to run this by the more experienced knitters here.

I was using Silver’s pattern, which I have used very successfully three times before, in this very weight, but only in straight, plain knitting. So I thought I would adapt it to a cabled pattern. Seems simple.

Using the same number of CO stitches indicated for a sock weight yarn, I used an all around cable of 6 stitches with 3 stitches in between. But it’s way way too small, I can’t even fit it on my foot.

Is it because of the cable that the same number of stitches that worked before are now not enough? If I use a cable in the pattern, do I automatically need to increase the CO stitches, to offset the cable?

Thanks all – hope you can help me out!!!

Yes, you should probably knit a swatch with the cables in it to see how much it will shrink. I don’t mean to say it will shrink in the wash, but as you said, the sock will be much too small to wear. Because cables are made by crossing sections of the stitch columns, the fabric is not as stretchy and it pulls in the fabric. That’s why you’ll notice the cables to be thicker than the rest of the fabric.

I’d say to do a gauge swatch and measure how many sts per inch there are and then adjust it accordingly. You will definitely need more sts.