Sock Toes

Hey all! I’m working on a pair of Monkey’s and the toe just isn’t working for me, it doesn’t fit my very sloped toe well at all. So, I was wondering, does anyone have another toe pattern for top down socks? I was also thinking I might be able to do a short row toe off of one needle and then kitchener it back to the other side of the sock at the base of the toes, anyone ever try this?

you need these:

they are directions for a shaped toe that can be used on any top down pattern.
i have used them on all the socks i have made and the reports are thet they are very comfortable!

Thank you!! I’m going to work on it tonight!! I hope it works out better!!!

I still think a short row can be done and then grafted on to the top of the sock (look at a store bought pair of athletic socks, that’s how they do it!) Maybe I’ll try that with my next pair!