Sock tinking sympathy please

I am working on a chevron lace sock and I was talking to my girlfriend about her wedding and managed to lose a stitch. I cannot see a dropped stitch so I must have not “made” enough … I’m a couple rounds past the mistake so I have to tink back like 300 stitches…I almost rather frog it and start over again. I really HATE tinking.

OH, man…the same thing happened to me, and I was already down to decreasing for the toe. I could see the stitch, and I started unknitting… and then I got so mad and frustrated… and then… well, I’m not much help. I do feel your pain, though!:hug:

Breathe deeply, let out a good long sigh and tink it, Slick! I know how you feel!

You definatly have my sympathies!
I’m a fairly new knitter, and just started my first sock. I’m pretty sure I’ve tinked as much as I’ve knitted…but I’m perservering, and so can you!


[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Go forth and tink, good lady!
It will be worth it in the end.
And in the end, you will forget your tinking and only remember your knitting and have a wonderful pair of fantastic socks to reward you.
So tink… tink your heart out…:thumbsup:
Then serve yourself the beverage of your choice in a lovely hot bath, preferably with bubbles and candles.:hug:

:!!!: :frog: :waah: I HATE SOCKS!!! socks suck… DON’T TINK…JUST PURCHASE:cool: (thanks, I needed that)!!!:grphug: I really feel your pain!!!

Before you tink make sure you are indeed missing a stitch I have counted like 4 times before and on the last time I realized I wasn’t missing one at all,then there was the time I was missing a stitch so I tinked back a few rounds and realized that the stitch I was missing was just a yo at the end of the last round!

Do you mean there are projects completed that never required any tinking? I have never completed a project without a little tinking, some requiring more frequent application than others. I generally alternate that with having to get out the crochet hook and bringing up a dropped stitch.
Go forth and tink it’s part of the knitting process as near as I can tell.

I am with ya there. :wink: I start tinking, then I get frustrated, tink a bit further, get more frustrated, keep tinking, curse, then frog. I’ve started this same pair of toe-up socks four times to date.

Oh, I so feel your pain! I’m currently working on a sock (for me. Which will become part of a pair, I swear!) and have goofed on the pattern twice. I’ve already frogged the whole thing twice. I’m no good at tinking socks. So when I goofed this time I said to myself “Self. These are for you. It’s not worth it and it looks kind of cool. Leave it alone.” So I did. I’m so delusional and in my world. But, it’s okay, they know me there.

I don’t know :think: if this will work for you but has for me when I have goofed on a part of one of my socks, the last pair 3 times! :doh:A more experience knitter taught me to take a DPN one size down from what I was working on & pick up the stitches the row below where I needed to get back to. Do this on both sides if you are working on 2 circs. Then just frog:frog: it back to the DPN and whala! pick up at that point & start knitting again.

Hope this will help & keep you from tinking over 300 stitches.

You made me chuckle. I usually end up frogging anyway. Tinking is way to involved and frustrating

You are not alone on this one. Sometimes I just put the project down, even for a few days, and I feel fresh and more enthused about the tinking when I get back to it. I’m knitting either way–going forward or backward–and even if the repair doesn’t [U]absolutely[/U] have to be made, I’ll be happier with the finished product after the error is fixed.

OMG, I’ve been there! It’s so disheartening and frustrating! :hug: :frog: :heart: :hug:

Add me to the tinking/frogging group. I’m sorry. It stinks to find that stitch about 2 inches down.

I think all of us that do socks have tinked and we do feel your pain. Right now I am trying my hardest to make toe up. I have tinked the yarn to death. Thank goodness it is a yarn to just practice with. Well now it is anyways. :roflhard::roflhard:
Hope you have fixed the mistake and are on your way to be finished the second sock. :thumbsup:

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]I feel ya! I am the queen of tink!!
A good knitter is a good tinker!