Sock Summit 2009 (lots of pics)

I haven’t seen anyone post about the Sock Summit. I was fortunate enough to be able to go and wanted to share a bit. If you didn’t know of it it was held in Portland, OR. It was a knitting convention focused on socks, had a great Market place and best of all it brought together some of the best known and most talented knitters in the industry.

I was there for 3 days of it, the event was actually 4 days long. There were many things to do and see and I didn’t do or see nearly all of it. Many people have been talking about this on Ravelry and others will blog about it better than what I write here. But it was an awesome event.

I had classes with Meg Swansen, Nancy Bush, Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, and Barbara Walker!

On the last day was a Luminary panel. I am attaching photos of the panel.
Left to Right is Lucy Neatby, Cat Bordhi, Deborah Robson, Anna Zilboorg, Pricilla Gibson-Roberts. Center are Tina Newton of Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, then Meg Swansen, Barbara Walker, Judith MacKenzie-McCuin, and Nancy Bush.

Such Greatness in one room! The day of the panel would have been Elizabeth Zimmerman’s 99th b-day. She was duly honored and we sang happy birthday and had cake. Attaching a pic of the cake being cut by her daughter Meg Swansen, her assistant Amy Detjen to the L and the Yarn Harlot on the R.

Also a pic of the yarn I bought! LOL. There is so much more to say about the event. But it would go on and on. It was one of a kind and truly memorable and historical.

ETA this link from the Oregonian:

I bet it was fabulous! I would love to see all those famous knitters, but since I’m not a huge sock knitter it’ll have to be some other type of knitting show. The pictures are neat!

Sounds like a great time! Love, love :heart: the yarn you picked up!

Sounds amazing! Wish I could have gone.

What a great time with such talent! Love your new stash.


Many thanks to newamy for posting! I love to knit socks and am having a fabulous time checking out the Marketplace > Vendor List. I’m currently in one of my charity knitting phases but have bookmarked several sites for when I can get back to knitting socks.

It sounded like such a fabulous time!! I hope to attend stitches west next year.

So I take it you like purple? :wink:

Uh, yeah. Purple is my favorite color. When ever I shop for yarn I sometimes consider branching out a bit but then can never decide. There was a gabillion different kinds and colors of yarn available at the Summit, that in the end narrowing it to purple actually helped me to decided and not agonize so much, unless it was striped…purple with what combinations of other colors can be difficult.
The seven skeins of super wash wool I got for my daughter at Webs to make her a sweater; I honestly thought it was light blue, but the florescent lights deceived me…it had a lavender tinge and they actually call the color periwinkle…she likes it though.

OMG I can’t believe I missed this!!! I had been planning for weeks to go, and then the weather got all wonky… hopefully there’s next year!!!

Looks like you had a great time!

So glad someone from here got to go. It looks fabulous. That’s the great thing about socks: you can learn all sorts of techniques that translate to other stuff like lace, cables, entrelac etc. I’m guessing its a good place to start designing too.

Thanks for posting this! I had really wanted to go as my daughter lives in Portland but then I got laid off and so couldn’t afford to go. I love the yarn you bought, purple is my color too. Glad you got to go and that you shared here!