Sock suggestions

i’m getting ready to begin my first sock adventure (with silver’s fantastic sock tutorial, of course!).

i’m buying the needles today. and the yarn this weekend.

i would love some suggestions. what are the best needles? and who has the best yarn?

can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say… :hug:

I usually use size 2 needles - if your yarn is slippery, try wood or bamboo needles. For less expensive yarn, I like Plymouth Sockotta (this has cotton for a cooler sock) and Lion Brand Magic Stripes. I also have some Opal, Schaefer Anne, and Cherry Tree Hill that are lovely, but I haven’t used them yet.

When buying sock yarn, make sure that:

  1. The yarn contains wool. Bernat Sox doesn’t, and it makes pretty socks that are HORRIBLE to wear and make your feet sweat.
  2. The yarn is superwash (machine washable), unless you don’t mind washing your socks by hand. I’m lazy and wouldn’t want my hand-knit socks suddenly fitting my cat.

Silver’s tutorial is the BEST, by the way!

thanks so much! i’ve heard cherry tree hill is great.

I like Opal and Trekking.

Just a suggestion from another new sock knitter. I tried with sock yarn and size 2 DPN. I really had a hard time with it, so I tried again with a heavier yarn and bigger needles and it was so much easier. Now that I have th sock basics down, I bought some real sock yarn and size 2 needles and I think I am ready for it now. The first pair I was able to finish I used Cascade Fixation on a size 4 needle - the Fixation has some elastic in it so you don’t see the laddering effect you I probably would have had if I used regular yarn.

I’ve got to say that I love my Options dpns. As far as sock yarn, I’m using Regia for my current project. It’s been good to knit with. I’ve got some Lorna’s Laces that I got for my birthday. It will be used for my next pair.

I recommend Lion Brand Magic Stripes or Patons Kroy for a beginner. I learned on Magic Stripes, and while it’s not very nice yarn, it’s cheap, has lots of yardage, and did I mention cheap? So if you botch it up, decide you hate socks, etc, then your investment isn’t huge. And if you decide you love socks, then you’ll appreciate really nice sock yarn that much more.

As for needles, I think bamboo ones are the way to go, especially for a beginner. They’re less slippery than metal, and are less likely to slip out of the stitches. But whatever the material, I think you should go for the “short” version, around 5 to 6" long. Clover makes some short dpns that are available at and are pretty affordable, especially if you have a coupon. The website also has Patons Kroy sock yarn too, which is nicer than Magic Stripes, but you need 2 for a pair of socks. I really like the Clover short dpns to tell you the truth.

Other dpns that I like are Crystal Palace (nice and sharp), Lantern Moon ($$$), and KA. Knit Picks are the nicest metal ones I’ve tried, if you decide to go with the metal ones. Do not go with the 4" Addi ones - they’re way too short for socks! Trust me - I tried them. Maybe they’re used for gloves.

thanks, everyone! i bought some lorna’s laces last night at my lys. i’m finding it a bit difficult since it’s so small, but i’m working through it. :slight_smile:

I have used Reggia for most of my socks. It is not too expensive but it is nice to work with. I have also used Tofutsies (it was ok) and Austermann Step (which was lovely but too pricey). And I use Crystal Palace DPNs.

YMMV on this one. I always have cold feet (cold everything, actually - I’m looking forward to menopause because some promised me hot flashes! :roflhard:). I find Bernat Sox nice and toasty, and I don’t have to wear two pairs of socks to keep warm.

I’ll second that one! My current favourite washable sock wool is Online Supersocke. $10 USD for a 100 gm skein makes a complete pair of socks. They wash (and wear) well, and there’s a nice collection of colours, from muted/heathery to “look at me” hot. Their newest yarn (Beach) has cotton in the blend, so I’ve ordered a couple of balls to test drive.


My first sock were made from Socks that Rock, medium weight. They also have a heavy weight yarn. The yarn is a dream to work with, and made knitting my socks much easier.


i just looked at socks that rock – beautiful yarn! thanks for the suggestion!

I’m crazy about Opal which I actually get cheaper from Europe than in the U.S. However, Knitpicks sock yarns are very nice (they have a new one that apparently replaces the Dancing line with elastic in it). KP yarn is very inexpensive, too. You can get enough to do a pair of socks in the neighborhood of $10. Which is really good. I recently finished a pair in the KP wool/silk blend. Utterly luxurious.