Sock Stitch question

Ok, so I was so excited to figure out how to do the whole cast on/split amongst the needles thing, that I realized I had done the following:

Row 1 k2 p2 k2 p2 until end of round (12 stitches on each of 4 needles, so am ending with a purl)
Row 2 k2 p2 k2 p2 until end
Row 3 k2 ps k2 p2 until end
and so on and so forth.

All of a sudden as I was driving today, all of a sudden I started wondering - am I doing what I intended? (which was ribbing) And if it isnt ribbing will it do what I need it to do which is hold up the sock part? At least as far as I am, it LOOKS like ribbing…I am about 4-5 rows down…I have never “ribbed in the round” so I am totally fuzzled!

If it looks like ribbing, sounds like ribbing, smells like ribbing, it probably is.

In the round you just keep doing the same thing over and over, as you have been. You’ll see that you’re knitting the knits and purling the purls, so that’s all you have to be concerned about.


Well, clearly now its ribbing, although mathematically it wasnt making sense to me. Sometimes I overthink these things!