Sock stitch help

[FONT=“Book Antiqua”][SIZE=“3”]Hello Knitters; I am in need of finding out how to make these great looking socks–Herringbone Rib Socks from the Interweave Knits mag Winter 2008.
The rib pattern is as follows: (mult of 12 sts)
Rnd 1: *P1, k1, [yo, sl 1 pwise wyb, k2, pass slipped st over both knit sts] 3 times, p1; rep from * to end.

Rnd 2: *P1, [k2, sl 2 sts just worked back to left-hand needle, pass third st over 2 sts just worked, yo] 3 times, k1, p1; rep from * to end.

I’ve included all the instructions; however, I am only ‘stuck’ on the part in rnd 1 that is in brackets []. If I have just knit 1 st, then do the yo, how is the sl1 pwise wyb done? Is the yarn wrapped around the right needle? Or what?
I’ve ripped the ribbing twice; impossible to get back on the needles. I don’t believe it is a typo…[/SIZE][/FONT]

Thanks anyone that might have any thoughts; I don’t consider myself a beginner, and thought I could do it, but something is amiss.

Sl 1 PW wyib means that you will have the yarn at the back of the knitting when you slip the stitch. I think they specify this because you just did a yarn over, and if they didn’t tell you it was in the back, you wouldn’t really be able to tell if you bring the yarn over all the way around to the front, or just to the back. Clear as mud?

Then you do the K2 and pass the slipped stitch over. (I’m assuming that part makes sense to you since you. :slight_smile: )

Hello Marria, Thanks for that. Can’t say it is as clear as mud; I don’t seem to understand what the YO (yarn over) means then. Would you mind explaining further? Thanks much,

Hmmm…let me think about how to explain this. :think: Knitting is such a visual and tactile thing. It’s hard to put it into words sometimes! :slight_smile:

So, I am assuming you understand doing a yo.

Typically, a yo comes before a stitch. Where you bring the yarn (all the way around to the front of the needle, or just to the back) would depend on whether the next stitch is a purl or a knit.

In this case, the next thing you do right after that yo is to slip a stitch. So there’s no way of knowing whether you bring the yarn all the way to the front or leave it at the back unless the instructions tell you. So when it says sl1 purlwise with the yarn in the back, it’s telling you to yarn over and just bring the yarn to the back as if you were going to knit a stitch.

Is where it says “purlwise” confusing you? That is actually independent of where you bring the yarn over to. It just means you insert the needle like you were going to purl when you slip the stitch. The reason “purlwise” is there is because for knitting instructions in general, if it tells you to slip a stitch, it’s done knitwise, unless the instructions specifically say purlwise.

Is that a bit more clear?