Sock sizing

If this question has been asked and answered I apologize for asking again…is there a rule of thumb for foot length when making socks? What I mean is - how long should I make a sock for someone who has a size 7 foot for example? I am intending socks as gifts and measuring the recipients feet isn’t an option. I know my size 8 is about 9" long. Thanks!

I tried starting a foot chart in inches/cm here. Still pretty incomplete but I’d like to get more information on it.

that is so awesome! Thank you!!:woot:

Here’s the chart I use:

If they are too big just drop something heavy on the person’s feet and then they’ll be just right

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My method works for me and I’ve proved to myself time and time again with my sock knitting for different people:

Whatever the person’s shoe size is, knit that many inches from the back of the heel to just before the toe decrease.

It works for men, women and young adults. For children you really need to measure their feet because their shoe sizes are done differently then grown-ups.

I just made by biggest pair yet for a friend of mine who wears a size 10 shoe. I knit 10 inches from the back of the heel to before the toe decrease (which adds about 2 inches) and they were perfect! I was so happy that my method kept on ticking!

Great idea! I’ll have to try that. Do you decrease by doing every other row all knit stitches? (Like Silver’s Sock Class)? Because she teaches to start toe decrease 2" before tip of toe. I think the way you decrease can affect the length of the toe area, and thus might have to take it into effect with your WONDERFUL formula!!!

Thank you for the advice everyone. Mason, you crack me up!

Anyone have a size chart for foot widths (or circumference)?

Leg, ankle to calf height? (Probably proportional to person’s height).

Ankle circumference?

Calf circumference?

Most importantly, how long does it take to knit a pair of socks…

Sounds like one of those math word problems that you never thought you would use!

If Mrs. Robinson is able to knit three rounds in ten minutes, and her swatch meaures 6 rounds per inch, how long will it take her to knit a pair of socks that are 18 inches long?

Answer: 42


Yeah, 42 days! See, she has three children and the youngest likes to pull on the yarn. She only gets to knit 15 minutes a day and the little guy unravels two round before he gets caught.



42 is always THE answer!