Sock size / stitch chart on the internet

Hi everyone!

I’m in a bit of a dilemma. I had seen a chart online that told you how many stitches to start with and how many to divide when you get to the heel flap, but I can’t find it again!!!

I’m wanting to knit my husband some socks, but could REALLY do with this chart to help me out. I’ve tried searching on here, but do you KNOW how many sock posts there are in this forum??? :smiley:

Can anyone help me with this link???

Thanks muchly!


Is this it?

Looks good, but not the one… It was a printed chart that you could put in a folder…


Thanks though :smiley:

Hmm… :thinking: Let me try my mad search skillz out and see if I can find this for ya’!

Edit: Any of these?

Hehe… umm… not the ones… but that second one is the closest! :smiley:

Thanks for trying :smiley:


It was Silver’s Basic Sock Chart… :smiley:



Happy knitter now. :smiley:



Doesn’t go up to a large enough sock… :crying:

Back to Square one…