Sock - Short Row Heel

Hello there.

I tried to do a short row heel and am now confused.

I found this AMAZING video by Cat Bordhi about wrapping your stitches. Now my questions is - where do I do this? at the end of the ankle portion of the sock? Or do I knit a flap first?

If I do knit a flap, then I have to make a gusset. If I don’t knit a flap, then I still have 2 stitches less on the needles than I started with. Where do I go from there? And then with no gusset, will the sock fit?

I hope this makes sense and that y’all can help me.


Generally you don’t do a flap for a short row heel you just do it at the end of the leg portion (if knitting top down. There are some patterns which also include a modified gusset with a short row heel and others which do not. thos without are slightly less fitted although since there are so many patterns of this type i assume they are fairly comfortable.

Im not sure what you meen about the ‘2 stitches less on the needles than started with’ or why this would be the case. Doing short rows the number of stitches on your needles does not alter.

Aha. Well, if you watch this video, you’ll see that she first wraps the stitches, then she unwraps and knits them all up at the same time, she doesn’t keep going back and forth unwrapping and knitting only one on each row. So it’s just a gently fitted turn, not a huge heel. So I thought maybe I need a flap first?

And then - when she unwraps the last wrapped stitch, she knits through the last stitch on the needle too. So you lose one stitch on each side.

What now? Thanks!