Sock Ribbing

I’m making a pair of socks on 5 DPNs, and the directions for the leg ribbing are “Round 1: K2 P1” I know this means Knit 2 and Purl 1, but since I have 56 stitches, after 1 round I ended on the second knit stitch. When I start the second round, should I do a purl stitch or start the pattern over with K2?

That’s a st repeat of 3 sts which don’t divide into 56 sts. You need 57 sts. For ribbing the same sts should all be stacked over the previous one, so you would k2 to begin the next round, but that would put 4 knit sts together. You can do a m1 to add the extra st and then it’ll come out right. Check to make sure it’s actually k2, p1 because k2 p2 would work, so there could be a typo. What’s the pattern?

I just double-checked and the pattern does says the rib should be k2p1. It’s Plymouth Yarn’s Bungee ladies basic socks pattern. There’s a number in the corner that says F279

I can’t find any pattern with this number on their website and I checked the errata with no results. If I did m1, would that mess me up later on because I would have 57 instead of 56 stitches? Or should I just undo my row and do a k2p2 rib? Thanks!

You could either do k2 p2, or add the extra st and then dec it back to 56 sts when you’re done with the ribbing to get back to the right number. I think the k2 p1 would be a little snugger, but it’s up to you.

The nice thing about knitting is that you don’t have to be a slave to the pattern. Feel free to change the ribbing if you want to. You can do a k2,p2 ribbing or a k1,p1 ribbing. Or, like Suzee said, m1 to get to the right number it calls for if you want to. You’re the boss.

Though it may not say so, it might be the extra knit stitch is carried over to the second round to close the gap of the cuff. Whenever I make socks, I CO one extra st then I knit it together with first stitch in the second round as it keeps there from a gap happening where the cuff meets. I know several sock knitters who do this.

Looking at the pattern some more, it says to knit the ribbing for 6" then knit stockinite stitch for 6". This seems awfully long to me, a 12 inch ankle? I’m just questioning this since there was already one mistake in the pattern. Long socks would be okay, but I’m just worried I won’t have enough yarn, the pattern calls for 1 403 yd ball, and I have 462 yds.

Looking at the picture on the pattern and reading the pattern through again, I’m wondering if I’m supposed to shape the heel after I finish the ribbing and then do the stockinite stitch after that. After shaping the heel the pattern says Cont. in st st to the hegiht of the little toe-about 7". The picture with the pattern looks like the heel comes right after the ribbing, there’s definitely not 6" of stockinite stitch on the women’s leg in the picture. Am I right in my thinking to do the heel right after the ribbing and then doing the stockinite stitch after that?

You can go on to the heel flap. It sounds like you’re interpreting the pattern and picture correctly. Here’s a nice general tutorial for knitting socks that may help as a guide.