Sock Ribbing?

[color=indigo]Starting my first socks and am wondering about ribbing for the top. Most patterns call for 2x2 ribbing, but I was thinking 1x1 would make a tighter fit, no? These are to be men’s socks with 8" top, done on US 5s with worsted wt yarn.


1x1 should be fine. If it weren’t for a man, I’d say why not do something a bit fancier, but I suppose you want something pretty conservative… if you’re having trouble with the fit being too loose, maybe you could decrease a few stitches before you start the ribbing.

I thought I read somewhere that 2x2 ribs is the most elastic. But then again, I could be wrong :zombie:

Lynda M
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Yeah, some say 2x2, others say 1x1… I’ve never done a side-by-side comparison. Could be dependent on the knitter.

[color=indigo]I have CO 40 sts on US 5s with yarn that is gauged at US 5. I just sorta guessed at CO number. Different patterns (and always different yarns) siad 40 or 48. :shrug: Does 40 sts sound about right to you all? :??:


Most patterns that I’ve used with “sock yarn” said to cast on 60-72 with size 2-3 needles. With bigger needles, you should be fine with 40.

I’ve found that 2X2 rib stays up much better than 1X1, by the way.

[color=indigo]I am happy to hear that CO 40 should work out OK. I decided to stick with the 2x2 ribbing; the 1x1 I did on a swatch was less elastic.