Sock Repair?

As I went to pull out a pair of handknit socks to wear today, I discovered a hole starting in the ball area of the foot. Is there a way to repair this? Mom usually just said “darn sock,” and would toss it. I love this pair of socks as it is not only handknit by myself, but is also VERY comfy.



Here’s a nice tutorial on darning:

Hope this helps!


Darn you, DCM, now I have no excuse! :wink: Thanks for the link, I might well want to darn a sock that I’ve knitted … knit … a sock that I made. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!!! My sock will be saved!

I’m so…uh…“darned” happy for both of you! :wink:

It looks very detailed and friendly, with lots of photos.