Sock Questions?

I am working on my third pair of socks. The first 2 pair were for my 6 yr old dd and the third pair is for my son. The next pair I have planned will be for me. So I have a few questions before I start my pair. Do you swatch for socks? And what is your favorite sock book? I would like to learn about the different types of heels and shaping for longer/knee socks, Is there a book that would cover those things through different patterns? I have been thinking about these:

Any opinions?:wink:

I do swatch for socks because if my gauge is off, they truly won’t fit.

About sock books–this one is my favorite:

Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch

I like it because it does cover several types of patterns for the top of the sock, and it provides “recipes” for making several different sizes. It also gives a detailed explanation of the “anatomy” of a sock which really helped me in my understanding of how a knitted sock comes together. It also has a nice troubleshooting section to help with solutions to common sock problems. It really is a nice book.