Sock questions

I saw two books in the newest Knit Picks catalog for knitting socks…I had no idea there were so many different ways to knit socks!

I’m thinking for my next attempt at socks, I’d like to try to knit two at a time, but what’s the best method–two circular needles, or magic loop? I don’t know anything about either method, so I’d be a “newbie” (I did my first sock on dpn’s).

Then, which is the easiest way to knit the socks two at a time–is it easier to knit them top down or toe up?

Any insight or advice is greatly appreciated. :heart:

subbing to see the answers :slight_smile:

i’m an oldfashioned, one at a time on dpns kind of girl and i reallyneed to break out of my box!

I think I’d vote for 2 at a time toe up ML. I’m making a pair of cuff down on 2 circs and I was doing great and really liking it until it came time to make the gusset. It got all wonky for me from there on in. I think I fixed it somehow but I have to read the pattern carefully cause I somehow am starting on what should be needle 4 in my directions and the going on to needle 1, then 2, then 3.

I got very confused when I had to adjust the stitches on my 2 needles so that I am knitting the sock in profile instead of from the front.

I have been trying to follow the directions from Cat Bordhi’s book [I]Socks Soar on 2 Circular Needles[/I] but unfortunately mine are not soaring.

I had a much easier time following Silver’s tutorial on making toe up socks 2 at a time.

Socks. Bleh.


I always make my socks toe-up, on 2 circular needles, one at a time. I think it’s a great way. They all have their pros and cons, but I would [I]never[/I] do a sock magic loop. Or 2 at a time. I actually started a pair two at once, and it was actually slower than one at a time, because of all the switching yarn, needles, etc.

But, try at least top down and toe up, on dpns and 2 circulars, to see which you prefer.

Magic loop is easier than 2 circs for me, since there is only one needle to keep track of. I have done them toe up and top down, and I prefer top down just because I like the gusset heel construction better than short row. Most toe-up patterns have you do short row heels, though you can do a gusset with toe-up socks too.

I have done 2 at once and one at a time. and I find one at a time is MUCH faster for me. As Conti said, less fiddling with switching yarn and needles. Less to untangle.

I prefer toe up 2 at a time socks. I’ve done this on 2 circulars and on magic loop which I prefer due to having one less set of needles to worry about. However, I prefer KnitPicks Options and Harmony and the 32" is just a little two small for me to do 2 at a time i think. (Anyone do this?) The main reason I prefer 2 at a time is because I get bored w/patterns and so I fear I won’t finish the second sock. Plus, when I’m done, I’m done and have a pair of socks to wear.

I found a sock book that has a heal that looks like a gusset/heel flap but isn’t. It’s called Crazy Toes and Heels and while it’s a little confusing to grasp it since the author is very wordy, I do like the look of the gusset/heal flap without having the pick up stitches. This book is not available in stores, she prints them as they are ordered.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]:waving: I do mine two at a time on 7 DPNs! :teehee: I really think doing them two at a time, whatever method someone chooses, makes it a much shorter project, psychologically, and it certainly removes the threat of SSS! :star:[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I’m doing my 3rd pair now, it’s my first toe-up and I must say I hated the start! But I can see the benefits, especially if you have 2 balls of Knitpics Essentials and aren’t sure HOW long a sock each one will make.

I haven’t done 2 on circs, but that will be my next thing to try. My first sock was done with help of Silver’s Sock Class :muah:…I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try socks. I’m not sure, she might have a tutorial on 2 on circs by now.

Sock #2 was lacey :woot:

I recently had a poll to see what people preferred. It’s sort of a tie right now.

generally i knit socks 2 on 2, but when it comes to [B]needles[/B] the choices include:
2 straight–(knit flat and seamed. (there are several ways to do this)

2 straight --knit in simple double knitting (a PITA)

1 Circ (magic loop)

2 circ’s (1 on 2 or 2 on 2)

4 DPN’s

5 DPN’s.

then there are DIRECTIONS…

cuff down
toe up
side winder
splits (start --with a provisional cast on–at heel, knit down to toe, then pick up stitches at cast on, and knit up to cuff)
*better mouse trap (knit flat and grafted)
the * are Debbie New designs.

Toe up can be started at toe tip,
or on instep, (knit down to toe tip, then back up to end of toe, (flat) then pick up stitches and continue in round

there are at least 5 'standard heels’
Flap/turned/gusseted, (and the 2 styles of reverse engineered (toe up) flap/turned/gusseted style!)
afterthought,(aka Peasant)
short row,

Flap turned gussets heel come in
pointed (aka hankerchief)
half round

Afterthought have several shapes too, as do gansey/short row and sherman-

and then there are novely heels…
spanish, (a double shaped sort row (found on Blue Stocking, Tsock Tsarinas free sock pattern) banded, (aka Turkish)
and lots of others!

EZ has documented almost as many ways of turning a heel as i have already listed, --in case you want to try something different!

and then there is toe shapping…
pointed (turkish)
flat (aka French (the most common toe style)

you can knit dozens of pairs of socks, and mix and match heels and toes, and directions…

and don’t forget cast on’s and bind off’s!–all this before you add stitch patterns or stripes, or other design elements!

its easy to make socks for ages, and never knit 2 pairs alike!