Sock question

Making my first pair of socks and here are the instructions:

Divide for Heel: with the 4th needle, k14 sts on first needle, slip the same number of sts from 3rd needle onto opposite end of 4th needle for the heel. Cut yarn.
Divide the remaining 30 sts evenly onto 2 needles for the instep to work later.

The instuctions then go on to work on heel sts.

My question is, if I am going on to work on heel sts, why do they say cut yarn? I don’t understand how I am to keep knitting the heel when the yarn is cut.

I’ve made socks, but they are not my big thing, but it seems like when you knit the 14 stitches from the 1st needle with the free needle and then slip 14 more from needle 3 onto that needle that you could just keep knitting with the yarn you have. But maybe there is some reason why they want you to begin at the other end on a RS row. You will be working back and forth on the heel stitches flat. I don’t know if it would wreck anything to purl back and then do what they say, but it might be best to just follow the instructions. As far as how to knit when the yarn isn’t there…just take the ball of yarn and start knitting where they tell you to. It will work.

I dont have the pattern here with me to see but…

Im guessing they have you cut yarn and start knitting somewhere else?

If that is the case it is to keep the row count even on both sides.

Just a guess. I think the first time i ran across instructions like that…i ummm…didnt do it. LOL came out fine. but the row count was off for the two sides…im a curious knitter, i must know WHY im doing what im doing!! so i looked.
This is why i dont use instructions for socks anymore…LOL

Hi! :waving:

One of the concepts I’ve held firmly in my noggin (right or wrong) since I first started knitting socks is that anywhere there’s a join, if it isn’t smooth it could become a pressure point and rub a sore spot on the wearer’s foot. Also, it can create a weaker spot in a sock that will get a lot of wear, constantly rubbing inside a shoe.

So I avoid anything that says I have to cut the yarn mid sock. I’ve never seen a pattern that says to do that but I can envision that some patterns might call for it, but I’d never do it. I’d rather be off a row or half row than have woven in ends in the body of a sock.

That might just be me, but other than having to add another ball of yarn or cutting out a damaged or weak spot and reconnecting the ends I wouldn’t do it just to follow a pattern.

Good luck with however you decide to handle it. Please let us know how it goes!

Ruthie :knitting:

I agree. I would hate a knot in my sock! That is one of the very good reasons for knitting socks: No seams, no knots!
Just try if you come out to knit without cutting it. It seems to me as though you can do it. Just knit on, and oly remember, that you didn’t follow - you have to be just as disobedient on the other sock and also your count will be off by one row or you will have uneven count on both sides. just pay attention and don’t cut. Well, I wouldn’t…

I have never seen a sock pattern that tells you to cut the yarn in the middle. Weird!

Thanks, everyone, for the insight. I haven’t had time to proceed yet, but I am not going to cut the yarn. It just seems to make more sense to keep on knitting. Wish me luck!

Does the sock have the heel knit in a different color than the base sock? Personally, even if this is the case I do not see a need to cut the original color yarn, unless it would be so your did not have the hassle of the extra yarn or to avoid twisting the original yarn.

Is the pattern on the web so we can see it?

Good idea! If it were a different color heel you would change the color of course (which ever way you do it). But you could still also do a same color heel, just as you please.