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Here is the link to the pattern of the sock I am working on. After I finished the gusset and started working on the foot itself. I chagned from 4 needles down to 3… not thinking. So now I am shaping the toe… and the directions call for 4 needle directions. I got back to 4 needles but unsure the count per needle.

The instep I believe was 16 for the 2nd and 3rd needle… but unsure of the 1st and 4th needle I am unsure since the round on needle one… starts in the middle of a round and in the middle of the heal. I know at one point the part of the ist needle… was like 10 stitches… but with knit 2… I lost count stitches

So any help…please

Oh boy… All I can tell you is you have equal amounts for the top and bottom of the foot. Since you moved things around by adding another needle you’ll need to find where the ‘sides’ of the foot are that is the point for decreasing.

When you find them you can use 3 or 4 needles…up to you. It doesn’t really matter how many are on each one as long as they don’t pull at the joins and you can use markers where the decreases are if you need to. Hmm… maybe this will help.

I use 2 circulars so I never have to think about this. :lol:

Morning Jan…

Thanks for your reply, yeah it was a silly move I made not thinking of the end. And not done enough socks to see the mechanics of it all. So here is the next question… will the decreases k2tog and the ssk be along the same angles as previous decreases on the gusset/heel flap? I just want to make sure it lines right…told my daughter this first sock… taking months to make I get so irritated and gonna be the sample of ALL the socks I make… laughing

Its not that bad really… thanks for your help

If you were down to 3 needles while working the gusset did you have Needle 1 - side one of heel, Needle 2 - instep stitches, Needle 3 - side two of heel? If that’s so, there is no need to go back to 4 needles (I find 4 needle socks to much to work with in any event).

Suffice it to say that you can continue with 3 needles without issue by having 1/2 of your total stitches (the instep stitches) on needle 2, the remaining stitches are split half and half on needles 1 and 3. Your decreases are the same as explained in the directions EXCEPT that you will be doing a decrease on EACH END of needle 2 (this works out to be exactly the same as making a decrease at the beginning of needle 2 and a one at the end of needle 3). Make sense?

The toe decrease is in line with the gusset decrease and should be on each side of your foot (horizontal) not vertical at the end of your toes.


Thank you I will look at this later when the kids are asleep and see how it works for me… I got so frustrated I took back to 4 and then realized I should have sent for help first.

I just know the first needle had the stitches ending in the middle of the heel… or the round. .so the marker was mid point. then remembered I did decreases and got to frustrated to think by looking at pattern.

I didnt like the 4 needles to start with that was why I went to 3… to many changes on needle consistency for me… and to many chances for that ladder look I am getting. Well will not do that next sock… and after this I want to make 2 at once… laughing.