Sock Question

I have completed a pair of knitted socks in the cuff to toe fashion. Once the sock was presented to the owner it fits well except for the original cast-on edge where the sock began is a bit too tight. Is there a way that I can undo the first or second row and redo the ribbing going up towards the knee instead of the usual down to the ankle?

And if so how? :whoosh:
:frog: Hopefully it is fixable so I do not need to reknit the entire pair. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Thank You !

You can undo the cast on, but it’s not easy. It won’t unravel like the cast off edge. You have to pick out each stitch.

I’ve been told, but haven’t tried it yet, that twisted german cast on is great for socks.

I use the long tail cast on method for socks. it works great!