Sock Question

I am using an Ann Norling pattern for Basic Socks, knitting on 2 curcular needles. I have the cuff done, the heelflap and have even turned the heel. YAY! But now I’m stuck. I have picked up stitches on both sides and am ready to knit in the round on the gusset, decreasing. The pattern says Knit round 1 and then for Round 2, after knitting on Needle 1 and decreasing, K across needle #2. What exactly does that knit across needle 2 mean? May be a dumb question but I’m stuck and my yarn store isn’t open today. HELP please. Thanks.

I knit my socks on 4 dpns rather than 2 circs, but I’ll jump in on this one and give it a try! Needle 1 has you decreasing (once near the beginning and once near the end, right?) on the bottom of the foot near the sides. Needle 2 has the stitches that go across the top of your foot and you are going to keep the number of these constant till you start decreasing for the toe. If you’re working in stockinette stitch, “K across needle #2” means “knit all stitches on needle #2 without increasing or decreasing”. If you’re working in stitch pattern other than stockinette, it means “continue your stitch pattern on needle #2 without increasing or decreasing”.

Thanks Denise. That’s what I thought it meant but wanted to be sure.