Sock Question

I’ve never knit socks before, and yesterday I decided I wanted a pair of warm house socks. So I found some yarn that I had bought on clearance, and decide to start a pair. These are REALLY basic - more or less they will be a long skinny tube with a ribbed cuff - no heal. I am probably about 4 inches to the size that I want and am wondering the best way to close the toe area? I’m not following any kind of pattern so am unsure if some closures won’t work? If you could help me out I’d really appreciate it! TIA

You could do it like a standard toe shaping for a sock. Here is a link to instructions for one. You will have to adjust a little about numbers of stitches based on what you have. SILVER’S SOCK CLASS Then down at the bottom of the page is a link to the final step of grafting the toe closed.

That kind of toe would put the toe in one place like a regular sock. If you don’t want that for your tube sock you could shape it like you do the top of a hat putting as many decreases as you want on each decrease round, and decreasing as fast as you want. For instance get your number of stitches to something that will evenly divide by what you want to work with, for instance 10. Knit 8 and knit sts 9 and 10 together. Then put one stitch less between decreases in the decrease rows each time. Hats often decrease every other row, with an even row between. But you can do whatever you want, just keep track so you can duplicate it on the other sock.

Most sock toes require that you divide the total sts in half, half on top of the foot and half on the bottom. But since you have no heel, you’re in better shape.

Once in half, decrease 2 sts, 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end of each half - work 1 round even in between, no decreasing.

When you get down to like 10 sts on each half, take a yarn or tapestry needle and weave together those sts.

Presto! Toes!

Hope this helps,