Sock question

[B]QUESTION:[/B] If I do the ribbing on DH`s socks a 1X1, will they be less likely to fall down than the 2X2 that I did last time. Those socks are having a hard time staying up. Any opinions would be appreciated!

How much of the top are you doing the ribbing? If you’re doing the whole sock top it shouldn’t fall down.

We-eell, I do 2x2 ribbing 'cause it is stretchy…But I don’t know. I haven’t tried 1x1 yet.

I was thinking of one and a half to two inches and then stockinette stitch for the rest. That`s what I did with the first pair and he likes it that way. What do you think…

You could use some elastic carry along with your yarn for the ribbing then drop the elastic for the rest of the sock. Haven’t tried that but am on my next pair of socks. :waving:

I do all the top about 6-7 inches in rib, usually k3, p1 rib and they don’t fall down.

If you do the whole sock top in ribbing it won’t slip. If you only do a little bit you will still get some slipping. If you need to do the rest in stockinette do at least 2 maybe 3 inches of ribbing.

I like 2 X 2 rib for 2 inches for socks and always use it unless it looks dumb with the leg pattern of the sock. I think it has the best stay-up-ability. In general, the more inches you rib, the less likely it is to slip down. You may also want to use a needle one size smaller for the rib portion.