Sock Question

Hello all,

I just finished my first sock using Silver’s Tutorial and posted it in Whatcha Knittin. What a great tutorial!

I have a question…When you do the 20 (actually 19) rows of the heel, one end of the work has nice smoot V’s for picking up stitches, however the other side has these little knot-type stitches. Am I doing something wrong for this to happen? I’m following the instruction exactly. The end result is that one side of the picked up stitches later in the pattern are very smooth and straight, the other side not so much so. Thoughts?

I’ve experimented a bit with heel flaps – I have had the best success with the two edges looking the same, post-picking up stitches, with them looking how you describe. A nice chain like edge on one side, and more of a ‘knotted’ edge on the other side. In order to get the chain type edge on both edges, take a look at this link. Personally, when I did it the way the link shows, I ended up with one side of my gusset having little holes all the way up.

Experiment though, and see what you end up liking best!

[color=indigo]Hmmm, I’ve been slipping sts as if to purl at the beginning of each row and not having any knot type selvedge. I don’t knit the last st on the purl row, either. [/color]