Sock Question

I need help in finishing a pair of socks. I am doing a short row toe on a cuff down sock. I am to the part where I have done the decreasing on the toe but do I start adding the wrapped stitches back or do I just graft it all together??? :?? I am using Michelle’s basic sock pattern off of knitting pattern central. I would greatly appreciate any help or any ideas on where I can see someone doing it.

I see what you mean, the toe directions aren’t crystal clear.

I do the exact same toe as I did heel when I do short row socks. I see that with the toe in this pattern she says to leave 20 unworked sts between the short rows, which is fine…but, I would say that you should do the same thing that you did with the heel and continue on with toe, this is probably going to have you grafting the toe on the top of the foot (as in commercially made socks), or if you started the short row shaping on the top of the foot, rather than the bottom (same side that you did the heel), then you will graft on the bottom of the foot.
Is that what you meant?

My fave short rowing is a form none as the sherman heel…I know it’s not the same, but there are photos that show the grafting of the toe, which may be helpful, you can see them here (scroll down the page).

You rock Becka!!! :happydance: Thank you. :thumbsup: