Sock question?

I’ve always worked my socks with fingering weight using size 2 needles. I got some Bernat Sox yarn and am going to use size 3 needles - but I’m confused. What is the break down on this - how many goes on each needle? Do I do it equally 16/16/16 for 48 stiches or do I do it like I do my fingering weight yarn (16/16/28) - I use 60 stitches for that. Once I get started, I’ll be fine but I just want to make sure I start out right. I have a book at home with directions but I brought the socks to work and wanted to get started (SSSHHH!!!) :blush: :XX:

I know I’ll have to get my book because it just hit me - the heel and heel turn will be different - right??? I think I’m putting too much thought in this. New things freak me out - can you tell???

Thanks guys!

16/16/16 sounds fine. You might have to knit a few inches in to see if the sock will be big enough around, and of course that depends on the size of your foot :wink: (Or the foot of the intended recipient)

Yup, that’s what Sock Class says – 16/16/16 :smiley:

I’ve used quite a bit of the Bernat Sox, and usually follow one of the patterns I’ve gotten from the Bernat site. Their instructions will usually tell you how to break down your needles, and any special needle switching needed for turning the heel.

I bought the last few balls of Sox yarn today at the mill store! It’s white and a ball of turquoise. They will go with the scraps of the other I have. Is there a pattern on the ball band??? I think that knitting the cuff of the sock it wouldn’t matter how many stitches on which needles. Once you get to the heel it matters. :XX: samm

All of my balls of Sox have patterns on them. All of them are available online at the Bernat website.