Sock Question

Do the socks that have about an inch or so of ribbing at the top, and then straight stockinette have a tight fit? I want to make a pair, but it seems to me like they would be tight on my leg. :thinking:

I think the ribbing is the part that “hugs”. The stockinette part is bigger.

Right – the ones that have ribbing all the way from the cuff to the ankle are more snug. If you switch to stockinette they’re a little looser.

Isn’t stockinette a type of ribbing? :??

My ankle is 8 inches around. The fullest part of my calf measures 13 inches around. If my sock leg is only 4 inches or so, I can get away with staying at 8 inches in circumference in a stretchy stitch like ribbing. In a stitch pattern with no sideways give, I might have to increase a stitch every round to keep the cuff from cutting in to my leg.

Nope- stockingette is knit one row, purl one row- when you’re knitting in the round, just knitting around creates the stockinette. In this picture, these two socks are actually knit with the same number of stitches. The pink and grey socks are ribbed the whole length of the leg, while the other sock only has about an inch of ribbing at the top, and the rest is stockinette.

Thanks for that pic. In my mind I kept thinking the st. stitch wouldn’t have any give to it like ribbing would. I think I’ll try making a pair like yours on the right. What size needle did you use, and did you go by a specific pattern?

If you follow Silver’s socks you are good to go :wink:

I have trouble with my first pair of socks staying up, I think because I only ribbed the first inch or 2…this pair I’m making now, the entire cuff is ribbed so it’s more snug.

I agree with Rebecca, Silver’s sock tutorial is excellent, and covers everything!! I used the Ann Norling adult basic socks pattern, with size 2 needles. Have fun!!! :cheering:

I personally think that socks with an all-over rib are much better as far as staying up. It doesn’t make them tight either (provided you used enough stitches), even if the socks looks super skinny, the ribbing can stretch out to be pretty much as big around as stockinette would be but it hugs to your individual curves. Here’s a pic of a pair of socks I made that were ribbed all the way down. They were for my sister and she LOVES them.