Sock question- slip stitch edge on heel flap?

Hi folks,

I’ve got a question about sock knitting- I’m in the middle of my first pair, and ran into an issue. I started the heel flap, and the directions are as follows:

Row 1: (Slip 1, K1) across
Row 2: Slip 1, P remaining stitches

So here’s my problem. The slipped stitches at the beginning of the knit rows are turning out funny, and as a result, one edge of my heel flap looks very different from the other. The slipped edge on the purl rows looks pretty normal- similar to what is in Amy’s videos. The slipped edge on the knit rows looks weird- sort of like there are knots evenly spaced out along that edge. To my knowledge, I’m slipping the stitches correctly (purlwise), but I could be wrong. Are the 2 edges of the heel flap supposed to look different?

Also, does anyone have any tips for how to unravel rows when doing a sock without taking the needles out and risking dropped stitches? Or do I just have to remove the needles, rip away, and hope I can successfully get the needles back in without rewinding too far?

Any help is greatly appreciated. This sock stuff is fun!


Well in answer to your first question, you said the slipped stitches on the knit rows are turning out funny could that be because you are slipping them purlwise instead of knitwise? Coz later you asked if you were slipping them the right way and said you were doing them purlwise, did you mean for all the stitches? Coz if so that could be the answer to your problem. :frog: :XX:
As to your second, there is a very slow way in which you can knit back the stitches but it can take ages, it depends how far you have knitted. I had problems when doing the heel flap of my first sock and I had to unravell it. I simply pulled out the needles and unravelled it till I got back to a part where I was just knitting, I then picked up all the stitches and carried on from that point. I did drop a few stitches when putting them back on the needle however it is really easy to pick them up again!
I hope that helps! Good luck! :thumbsup:

I had this same problem and just started slipping the stitches on a knit row knitwise, but that side is always tighter then the purl for some reason, hmmm.

Follow these directions and both edges will look the same:

:smiley: I was going for the same tip, KQ :wink: Now, for your problem with unraveling…I’m assuming you found a problem several rows back, I suggest looking @ Amy’s videos under “Basic Techniques” and ‘fixing mistakes’, I usually use my crochet hook, as she demonstrates, or, if it’s in a lacey pattern I have used the destination row example that she shows :wink: Please let us know if this is helpful…if not, don’t hesitate to say so :wink:

Thanks for the tips everyone! I took a look at the link with a tip for the slipped edge, and I think my problem is that on my purl rows, I’m not knitting the last stitch of the row, like the tip says. I’ll re-do my heel flap today and let you know how it goes?

As for the unraveling problem, I think I just have to invest in a crochet hook to make my life easier. Is there anything more depressing than having to frog a huge section of a project?