Sock quandry

So, with Ingrid’s help, I turned my first heel!!!:yay:

My question now, is when it says to “knit the top of the sock”, how long should I make it, to make sure that I’m going to be able to end up knitting around eventually? These socks are for me, so I have the foot to measure…haha…

Thank you!!

Are you working from the toe up? Thats what it sounds like. The instructions should give you the appropriate number of stitches and instructions on how to have them on your needles. The length is totally up to you. Measure from the top of your ankle bone up as far as you think they would be comfortable for you.

Actually, I figured it out. It’s a top down sock, and it just meant to knit across the top one row to get to the other side where I pick up stitches again. I now am ready to knit around and do the gusset. YIKES! I’m actually doing pretty good for fumbling through my first sock. It’s going so slow, I hope I get faster once I figure everything out.

Thank you for your help!