Sock problem

Hi my name is Judith and I am working on my first pair of socks and I am at the HEEL FLAP. I’ve got my 20 stitches on a needle. However, when I follow the pattern below. I end up with 0 on the needle. then the instructions tell me, I should have 12 stitches remaining? how is that possible, when I have no more stitches from the heel flap? Am I doing something wrong, or is the pattern wrong?
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Heel Flap
Place 20 sts. on one needle.

Row 1: Sl1, Purl across

Row 2: Sl1, K1 across

Repeat these 2 rows for a total of 20 rows.


Row 1: P12, P2tog, P1, turn

Row 2: Sl1, K5, K2tog, K1, turn

Row 3: Sl1, P6, P2tog, Pl1, turn

Row 4: Sl1, K7, K2tog, K1, turn

Row 5: Sl1, P8, P2tog, P1, turn

Row 6: Sl1, K9, K2tog, K1, turn

Row 7: Sl1, P10, P2tog, turn

Row 8: Sl1, K10, K2tog

Hmm, is this a pattern that is online? If so, please link to it. If it’s from a book, maybe give the name of the pattern and the book in case someone has a copy.

I think they mean that after you finish the 8 rows, you will have 12 sts remaining, rather than having 12 before you start turning the heel. If that’s right, you would start the “Turn Heel” part with 20 sts, then when you’re done those 8 rows, you would have 12 left.

It is a strange way to say it, though.

Hmmmm. . .this should work-- you lose 1 stitch on each of the 8 rows from when you turn the heel, which would give you 12 left. The only decreases you should be making is when you knit or purl 2 together on those 8 rows. Each time you do that, you lose 1 stitch. So you must be doing something different from that?. . .any idea as to where?. . .

Something just occured to me-- is it possible that you are losing a stitch on each of those 20 heel flap rows? When it says slip 1 then knit (or purl) to end, what it means is to just slip the first stitch over to the right hand needle and then knit (or purl) the other 19 sts. You don’t lose that first stitch-- you just slip it over as if you knit (or purled) it.

You show 8 decreases, that’s 12 stitches remaining from your 20 you started with.
You did something wrong if you have none remaining.

I thought your title was funny. My sister and great niece both have “sock problems” but neither knits. My great niece was terrible about it when she was 2-4.

I just wanted to thank everyone (Mike, Imrachel, and knit4pie, for helping me out on my sock problem. I wasn’t slipping it over, I was psso and that’s why my stitches were decreasing. I finally got my heel flap completed… :yay: for me :slight_smile: THANK YOU THANK YOU :slight_smile: