Sock problem

I am trying to knit super easy socks from jaque’s knitting place, on the heel shaping it said’s knit 13 turn purl back, knit 12 turn purl back,
knit 11 turn back, keep doing this till you have 4 sts left on needle,
how that possible when i’m knitting and purling the same sts over and over…the only thing i have is a hole…please explain in simple instructions


You’ve probably been working in the round until now, but when you start your short rows, you’ll go back and forth as in flat knitting. For several rows, you’re going to be turning the work after the given numbers of stitches (13, 12, 11…) – which you will notice is less than the number of stitches in a round. (Yes, there will still be stitches on the left needle before you turn, but it doesn’t matter.) This will build up a portion of the fabric that is made up of “short” rows – get it? Amy has a video for short rows in the advanced techniques section, but she’s using the wrap and turn method. Your instructions don’t ask for wrapping, so you’ll just be working back and forth. (I suggest that you not look at the video unless you need to because it might be confusing with the extra steps.)

I need an inbetween this :teehee: and :roflhard: laugh… sorry Jane, but you made me laugh I had to say.

:fingerwag: You should never have mentioned it if you didn’t want the poor person to go and look and get all confused like. You should know what curiosity is like. Amy has a great video… but don’t look at it!

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Yeah, I thought about the temptation, but hopefully she can wait to look at it until after she does her’s. I just didn’t want her to look up short rows and get all kinds of confusing information since there are so many different ways to do them. You know?

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Did it before even realising really :doh:

I totally understand. I went to college during the period when it was very important to be “PC” (politically correct). I still cringe a little when people say “girl” instead of “woman” even though I know it’s overwhelmingly used and understood to be a neutral term, rather than a demeaning one. It’s just been inculcated in me to see it as pejorative, I guess. These days I try to be more colloquial and not think about those things too much. And I will even use “girl” in an endearing way myself.

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i am not knitting in the round, maybe i can attach the pattern, if not her site is jacque’s knitting place, its the super easy sock, oh by the way i’m female :roflhard:

Short rows are done the same way whether you’re knitting flat or circularly. You’ve piqued my curiosity about a sock pattern not done in the round, though… is it like EZ’s pattern where the sole is done as a separate piece so you can put a new one in when the first one wears out?

I have a few books I bought, with beginner projects etc, when i started to knit, and they have flat knitted socks in them (at first, I thought this was the only way you did socks :oops: blerrrh) they are seamed up the side of the foot and leg, you still have to short row for the heels, but i don’t think they involved any picking up wraps. I wish I had an EZ book… then i’d feel like a real knitter!