"sock people"...check this out!

Remember how we were talking about the different sock methods using circular needles? I just got an email from Knit Picks about their 2 new sock yarns. When I checked out the page, there was also a free pattern for two at a time toe up socks! :cheering: :cheering: There are some good illustrations, including the figure 8 cast on we were talking about too.

I was cruising the site & saw it earlier tonight, too! I’m so excited bc I’m wanting to start learning the 2 socks on 2 circs method, as well as toe upl There are very good illustrations & instructions AND I just got a big ole’ shipment of sock yarn from KP…and now (insert laugh here) I’ve printed my socks from every conceivable way in which they show up on the KP site that I have no more paper to print this pattern :doh: !! I will have to ask my sweet DH to bring some more home (I’ve been thru :shock: 1/2 of a package of paper over the weekend…lol; bc of me there’s 1 less tree).
BUT…that pattern ROCKS!!! I’m ordering my new circs this weekend, I think; so that I can begin this 2socks on 2 circs ;). Knitting-warehouse.com is very reasonable.
:cheering: :cheering: NEW SOCK STUFF :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

Yummy-love both the “Almost Argyle” yarn and the solids at Knitpicks!! And they are SO reasonable. I don’t live near any LYS or Michael’s. SO I think that even with the shipping, it could be affordable for me. (Although my dh would say, "Don’t you have enough, Honey?? :heart: We really need to tighten our budget for now. And he’s so right.)They’re really quite nicely priced --has anyone orderd from them, and how did you like them?? :XX:

Oooh, rebecca–didn’t see you had ordered fromKnitpicks !! My husband works for a paper mill :wink: --so y’all use all the paper you can!! Trees we can grow–but plastics, well, that stuff doesn’t go away! :frowning:

I think I can say this, but if not, somebody please just delete the post…
If you are only ordering sock yarn from knit picks, you can get free shipping by typing in the word, “SOCKS” in the promotional code box.
:slight_smile: kimmie

:oops: let’s see–the secret SOCK CODE from KP not, well, you know!( I was holding the keyboard in my lap and hit the “c” instead of the “s”!!)Wowzer! Anyway–thanks for letting me know about the code for sock ordering Kimmi! :happydance:

That’s funny, Ellen…everybody knows that I order from Knitpicks…it’s my favorite place and since I was given a gift certificate to KP, my fave place, I ordered my fave yarn…sock yarn :smiley: …and my sweet husband bought some more paper for me so that I can continue printing sock patterns; and I will confess, yes…many other patterns, too…but, you can tell your husbanc that I will be keeping him in business! I print my patterns, put them in page protectors and tuck them away in binders :wink:
FYI, my daddy worked at a paper mill when I was a kid :smiley: .

Yea rebecca–what a good idea about the page protecters. Where do you get them??I think I’ll ask for gift certificates for my knitting for Christmas presents this year!! My son and DIL gave me a new computer last year with DVD and CD burner and lots of memory to keep pics of my 2 beautiful grandsons :heart: all the time, plus lots of knitting patterns! Yea for wonderful kids!! :happydance:

My husband usually picks them up at Staples or any office supply store…perhaps even WalMart