Sock people...check this out!


LOVE the addition of the crochet border!


yeah i like the border too! i’m crochet-impaired so I’ll justhavve to add some ribbing.

oh wait. i despise dpns. oh well!


you could just do a k2p2 rib or something like that to extend it


Thanks Kelly! Hildy, crochet is SOOO easy. You could do it in a cinch. It’s possibly easier than knitting. But if yo don’t like dpns, I can’t talk you into that! I happen to Love them, I’m addicted to them.

but yeah, you might like to just extend the k2,ps ribbing a bit.


Looks fab-oo, Vic. Mine hasn’t made it to the toe, yet. I guessed at how many to cast on rather than do the math. (I didn’t use sock yarn.) So now I hesitate over how to do the toe. I may frog and do the other pattern.


ya i just love the colour!!!