Sock people...check this out!

Are these too cute or what?

:clubs:[color=blue][size=2]The Mod Squad was here[/size][/color] :thumbsup:

Those socks are wild! Are you going to make a pair Kemp?


I haven’t decided…they are cute and would go quick, but would I actually ever wear them??? :??

Oh my god Kemp, those are ADORABLE! I feel like running downstairs and making a pair right now (esp since I’m stuck on what to make next). I think you might wear them… well I will try. They’re kind of like jewelry or something, accessory that’s the word I’m looking for, and cetainly an attention getter. But they just might be kind of comfy.
like when your feet are a little cold but not too cold

does that make sense?     I'm going to go look at my stash....

Have you started yet??? :lol:

Kemp! Help! I did run downstairs and get some yarn, now I’m back at my desk staring at these instructions…

I got the 60 stitches cast on, but geezzzz! what’s with the instructions??? First they tell you what stockinette stitch is
(yes we know that) , in rounds K all sts… yup then they say

Work rounds alt K1, P1

they don’t mention putting the stitches on 4 needles, they don’t mention joining them. Soooo, I assume if I join them I just ignore the k1, p1 and just knit the 6 rounds??

what what what   why can't they just be exact in their instructions?  or am I being dense ...  :??

ok, wait, I think they mean alt k1, p1, for the first 6 rounds just to create a ribbing? that sounds right doesn’t it, I think from the picture I’m looking at I can see a bit of a rib at the top…

then you continue in stockinet…

that makes sense doesn’t it?

I got the pattern from a German site…with all the cool sock yarns they have, the probably figure everyone knows the part about splitting up stitches, etc. :slight_smile: (some kind of innate German knitting knowledge:) haha)

It looks like the part that goes around the middle of your foot is K1, P1 rib…then it switches to stockinette. Probably so it is a little more sung on the instep.

I am so excited you are doing this! :cheering:

Oh, duh, just thought of this. Let me translate :thumbsup:

CO 60 sts, divide evenly over your needles (20 on each if you work with 3 needles, 15 on each if you work with 4) Knitting in the round, work 6 rows of K1 P1 rib, then switch to stockinette stich for about 2 inches. ETC, ETC. Helpful? Not meant to be anything but…I have gotten much better at decyphering patterns lately.

yep, you got it. In the midst of my LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG post you figured it out :happydance: I did go ahead and convert cm to inches for you though :slight_smile:

ah ha, it’s those germans! (my husband is from a german mum)

yeah yeah! I’m excited too! I needed something to do coz I’ve been staring at this beautiful dark brown yarn that I want to make a sweater out of but haven’t figured out what pattern yet,

AND it’s like 90 degrees here but my feet are cold AND

it’s a quick little project (I hope) I cast on 60 stitches with some Reggia sock yarn I had, but then decided to do st prettier (alas no turquoise which is what I’d rather do) so ripped the 60 and did the cast on with some some lavender yarn for the top part, then maybe I’ll switch to the multicolored reggia…

I think the middle size is good for me (shoe size 8) but I'm using  size 2 needles and didn't check gauge so  hoping for the best....

THANKS KEMP! WILL POST A PIC if I can do them…


Those are SOO cute. Wonder if my DD would like a pair, or 5??

Oh.My.G*D! These are so COOL! I must (attempt) these! Ooooh they would be cool felted… (how would one go about increasing this for felting?)

Felted would be cool! I think I’d start by increasing them by a third or a little more and a bigger needle. With the stuff I have felted so far, stuff seems to shrink by a 1/3 or a little more…but it depends on so many things, I think it would be a bit of trial and error at first.

These socklets would be great to wear with thong sandals! My LYS is closed today! What will I do?! Oh, yeah, I have to finish DD’s shrug by Sunday. Now I’m motivated to finish so I can start these. Thanks, Kemp, you’re fabulous!

Ok, I’m back! The lightning storms Tues night knocked my computer/modem out and it’s finally fixed.

Well to update: I started doing this cutie the other day and worked all day on it. I decided to do the MEDIUM size coz I’m a size 8 shoe.
I was using #2 needles. Got up the next morning and started to continue, but tried it on again. In the clear morning light I found it was way TOO BIG coz these things gotta hug your feet snugly to stay on. So I RIPPED THE WHOLE (tiny) darn thing :frog: and started over doing the small size and smaller needles (1 1/2).

duh. thought these would go really fast but on such small needles it’s just not true! I think I’d like to try a big chunky yarn next time and big needles so they do knit up fast and they’d be cute too…

Next Progress Report to come…

P.S. Sara… I’ve been going through bunches of shrug patterns looking for a simple but cute one. What are you doing?

Those “socks” are wild! How is the progress going Vic? I want to make them too.

Check THESE out, too!

Well, its Thursday now! Is your LYS open yet :slight_smile: I am making a trip to mine today. I think these would be really cute in the Opal Petticoat that I used for these baby socks. I have almost the whole ball left, but from what I understand this color may be a limited edition, so I think I should have another on hand since I like it so much.

What shrug are you doing? I haven’t been able to find one like what I have in my head, so I am designing one instead. I am still on the lookout though for a fun pattern! I have the prototype for the arm/shouder, but I am starting again with some modifications. I am trying to do the whole thing in one piece. I think it will be fun/challenging/a pain in the $^%#??? :slight_smile: Hopefullly I can figure it out before the end of the summer.

Vic…I can’t wait to see them! It did seem to me that they would go fast too, but those darn sock needles :slight_smile:

Kelly…those are awesome! Can you imagine the looks one would get in those? Might be good though…people might think they are so unusual that they want to order them.