Sock pattern

Has anyone on the forum knitted the sirdar crofter dk sock pattern?

I’m stuck in the middle of shaping the turn heel and need help. If you’ve used this pattern say so and then I’ll explain my problem. Many thanks.

no one has claimed it yet.

Is it a free pattern you can post the link to? If so, if we can see the pattern someone may be able to help you.

If you can’t post a link to it, you can type out the row you are having trouble with, and maybe the row before.

never can seem to get 2 socks the same size, so now I have 6 sox with no pairs, think it’s time to move to something else :smiley:

Well the I was stuck on I’ve actually solved with the help from my grandma but I have a new issue. This is the first time I’m knitting socks and I’m enjoying it but it’s hard work for a newbie.

In the pattern i’m working the foot. I’ve made the sole section (I’m knitting on 2 needles by the way) and just done the toe shaping. I have 23 sts on stitch holder and need to pick these up to knit the top section of the foot.

I still have 12 sts from the sole toe shaping and it says to leave these on the needle and then pick up from the holder. Am I right in thinking that when I’ve picked up I only knit these sts and not the 12 left on? Would it be best to out the 12 sts on a spare needle (as I only have 1 pair of 4mm hehe)

Let me type what the pattern says.
Break off yarn and leave these 12st on the needle
With ws facing using 4mm needles rejoin yarn to 23sts left on stitch holder and purl to end I c 1 st in centre of row. 24sts.

Hope I made sense x

I would recommend looking at the photos for Silver’s Free Sock Tutorial. You might get the answer to your question by looking at how a sock is constructed there.

I am stuck also on the ‘turn heel’ part never got it and picking up and knit part is going to baffle me. Any advice for me? You got through that didn’t you? Best of luck!!! :slight_smile:

Take a look at the link Shandeh posted. It’s a very clear tutorial for socks and will give you step-by-step pictures for turning the heel and picking up sts.

Try knitting 2 at a time.

And if 2 at a time on one set of circs or DPN is too intimidating, cast on your second sock onto another set of needles.

Work a round on the first sock, then work the same round on the second sock, and switch back & forth until the socks are done. Voila 2 matching socks when you’re done! Can’t remember which expert here recommended this, but thanks again!

There’s more than one way to skin a cat in knitting, something I’m so grateful for!

Ahhh, you’re knitting your socks flat…
Just looked your pattern up online: is this it?

If so, and you’re working your socks flat on 2 needles then seaming up the side, I’m making an assumption that you’re working short row heels and toes. I’ve only done a couple pair like this a long time ago on a machine, but the principle is the same for all flat knitted socks. Keep in mind I can’t see your written pattern…

When you work your toe, you’ll probably be working short rows over half of your stitches. This will form the toe cap, and afterwards you’d seam the toe cap to the instep at the toe ( on the top of sock). In essence you’re working two heels, one for your heel and one to cover your toes. Take a look at this link to get a general idea:

Pretend this video is you working your toe, but at the end you’ll seam the working stitches to the ones on your holder. Just make sure you work your toe on the same side as your heel. Good luck!

Stuck in the same place you were with sirdar pattern for socks. Driving me crazy. Please help

Welcome to the forum!
Which part of the Sirdar crofter socks are you having a problem with? Can you quote a row or two? Don’t give us a large portion of the pattern because of copyrights, just the area where you are having trouble. Let us know what your problem is too.