Sock pattern

I know how to do the following and I did it, but it came out lopsided. I don’t understand why when you have the stitches on 3 needles, there is not an even number on each of the “sides”. Row 4 has a decrease, so that gap is the first to go and then you continue with the other 2 needles and it becomes lopsided, so I just undid it and don’t know where to go. Help! Thanks in advance…
Heel Turn
On the next row, Sl1, K17, SSK, K1, turn.
Row 2: Sl1, P5, p2tog, P1, turn.
Row 3: Sl1, knit to 1 stitch before the “gap” left by the previous row, SSK, K1, turn.
Row 4: Sl1, purl to 1 stitch before the “gap,” p2tog, P1, turn.
Repeat rows 3 & 4 until all the stitches outside of the “gaps” are consumed.

What do you mean by lopsided?

When you are working this section you are using ONLY 2 needles. You are making the heel turn, so it’s using the same stitches that just made up the heel flap.

I think you are working with 32 stitches for the heel flap. You are doing a decrease on EACH row. Your final row will, most likely, be a ROW 3, and you will be knitting the last 2 stitches together and I think you’ll have 18 stitches left on that needle when you are finished.

With that SAME needle, you’ll pick up the stitches of the gusset down to needle 2 (the needle you just picked up the stitches with is Needle 1). Knit across the Needle 2 instep stitches. With a fresh needle (now Needle 3), pick up the gusset stitches along the other side, then WITH THE SAME NEEDLE knit half of the 18 stitches that were the remainder of the heel flap (in this case - 9 stitches). Now Needles 1 and 3 should have the same number of stitches and Needle 2 has the instep stitches (32?).

Now you’ll start the decreasing for the gusset.

I hope that’s what you meant and where the problem was. If not, I’ll give it another go.

Hmmm the pattern reads “gaps” which sounds to me like she’s turning a heel, which means she is done with the back and forth on the heel flap needle and is starting the row of decreases back and forth for the heel shaping.

Here is an excellent video on making the heel flap and forming the heel. Videos 2 and 3 are priceless in information on that delicate formation. And remember, not everyone does it the same way.

During this process of making the heel flap and turning the heel, you will not be working with the stitches on the other two needles. Leave them alone. When working on the shaping of the heel, you will knit or purl however many stitches the pattern tells you, then K2tog, K1 and then turn your work, This will cause a small “gap” so you know where to K2tog when you come back that way.

One you are done doing all of the decreases and have turned the heel, you will then, with the right side of the heel flap facing you, pick up and knit the required number of stitches required. This is VERY important to pay close attention here because you will be forming your gussett and beginning the instep of your sock’s foot tube. I say this because I feel that most sock patterns are not clear in telling you how to divide your stitches at this point.

When I have picked up and knit the first row of gusset stitches, I knit the remainder of the stitches left on those two ignored needles on to one needle. This is your instep needle, you will NOT make any decreases on this needle until it’s time to start decreasing for the toe.

Now pick up and knit up the other side of the gusset. Then knit half the stitches on the heel flap and put the rest of the heel stitches on the other gusset needle. That will be needle #1. On that needle you will knit to the last 3 stitches then K2tog and K1. Knit across your instep needle, which is Needle #2. On Needle #3, you other gussett needle, you will K1, Slip st, K1, PSSO then knit the end.

If you pattern tells you, you will continue this amount of reductions until you have the required number of stitches and the gusset is finished and attached to the instep. Some patterns have decreases every row, others will have you knit a round in between decreases. Then you will continue to knit the foot until toe decreases.