Sock Pattern

I have a sock pattern I want to try. It’s for toe-up, using dpns and includes an intarsia pattern. I just learned how to start a toe-up sock with one long circular needle, but I’m not sure about using dpns. I’ve done intarsia before, but not in the round. I’m looking for tips on that.

Thank you.

in KS

Intarsia can’t really be done in the round. You might be getting it confused with stranded colourwork (also called Fair Isle sometimes), or that part might be done flat, or in a way I would call ‘fake in-the-round’. I haven’t done it myself but you should be able to find plenty of tutorials/howtos/beginner tips with Google.
Most DPN patterns can be done on circulars (one or two) but depending on how the intarsia is done that might be a problem. I would say grab the appropriate-sized needles and similar-size wool and practise knitting a tube on DPNs until you are totally comfortable with the technique (Amy has a video here). Use scrap wool, or nice wool and just unravel it, or whatever you feel like. DPNs do feel like you are being attacked by a knife-wielding octopus at first but stick with it and soon you will be used to it and really good at it!
Can you link to the pattern if it’s free online, or a description/picture of them?